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Why Choose AB Global?

At AB Global we specialize in translations across the public health sector. We have the experience to give your translation the depth it deserves while being easily accessible to whoever reads it.

We understand that when it comes to the health sector, just having a translator who knows the language is not enough. This is why we ensure that our translators know how to translate public health material in a way that suits you.

They will ensure the tone is carried through into the translation and that all the medical knowledge is correct without losing the integrity of the original document.

Our team of translators has experience across a range of medical sectors, which means we can confidently assign the correct person or people to your project.

This allows us to guarantee the accuracy required when translating medical information. Not only will it be factually accurate as in the original document, but it will also adhere to any guidelines. Whether it is a prescription or a medical journal, all information will be correct.

Our wealth of experience gives us an advantage against other translation companies and we ensure every customer is not only happy with the service AB Global provides, but the finished work produced because that is the most important.

Allow us to help you make a specialist subject available worldwide by translating texts, product descriptions, instructions, glossaries – you name it, we’ll translate it.

Request a Medical Translation Quote

Whether you want to start the process, or get an idea of cost, requesting a quote is the first step. Whether you have the documents ready, a complete list of requirements, or a loose brief, we will be happy to help.

At AB Global, we understand that confidentiality is key, which is why we can guarantee non-disclosure. We have experience working with sensitive issues and will be happy to co-operate in any way necessary.

If you have a specific NDA, you can submit it with the quote request.

Once you have submitted the request, you will receive a personal and competitively priced quote. Within that quote, you will also receive a realistic timeframe for your work to complete customer transparency.

If you have a tight deadline, please include that in your brief and we will work around you.

Either email directly or call one of our staff who will be able to provide the necessary details.

What Documents Can Be Translated?

When it comes to health, there needs to be no room left for confusion, questions or misinterpretation of data. Are you looking to translate your public health materials? Or just wondering what services AB Global Translations offer and how they can benefit you? Take a look at some of the variety of services:

Clinical, pharmaceutical, toxicological and biological data

Whether it is a report that you have written or one that contains crucial information – all medical data should be accessible to allow others to learn from it. However, if for some reason this is not the case, AB Global has enough experience in the public health sector to safely and thoroughly translate technical content. We allow no margin for error as we understand the sensitivity of these documents.

Medical texts

Knowledge consumption is the foundation of medicine and we at AB Global understand that there are benchmark texts that all students should read. If the desired work is in the wrong language, or you have work that needs translating, we can change it to the desired without compromising medical integrity.

Medical equipment information, instructions for medical procedures or glossaries of medical terms

A good product isn’t limited to one language, which is why it’s mutually beneficial to make it internationally accessible. Allow AB Global to produce comprehensive documents to complement medical procedures. Whether it is merely a theory or a practical situation, clear and simple instructions profit everyone involved.

Similarly, if you are looking to create an extensive document – such as a glossary – we can do large scale translations.

Prescriptions and leaflets

Here at AB Global, we understand that prescriptions can mean life and death to some patients. Whether they need to take it overseas or your medical professionals need to create informational documents in a secondary language, let us do the hard work.

By letting us take care of the translations, you are free to focus on the content, which is the most important aspect.

Professional magazines

Despite being able to produce formal documents, we are also able to translate informal texts, which are just as important. We’re able to keep the conversational tone of a piece of writing without losing key details. It’s all about balance and we are confident that we will meet your approval.

Other texts

While common, these are not the full, extensive list of services that we can offer you. No matter how small, AB Global is honored to help with the development of the medical community, whatever form of translation that takes.

If you have something in mind that is not listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss your idea further.