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Determining Driving Convictions And Some Requirements For Multi Language Documents

Driving convictions usually leave drivers being summoned to the Magistrates Court of being given a Fixed Penalty Notice. For most, punishment ranges from a simple fine to points being placed on your licence or even custodial sentences. Drivers can be convicted for a number of reasons the most extreme being death by drunk driving to even use of mobile phones while driving.

Endorsements On Your Driving Licence 

After you’ve received a driving conviction, your licence will be countersigned to indicate that you’ve gotten penalty points. These tend to stay on your record from anywhere up to 11 years or the minimum of 4 years. However, if you’ve received 12 or more points, this easily disqualifies you from driving and you’ll be forced to wait for up to three years.

If you’re a young diver or you’ve only been driving for up to two years or less, your licence will be taken away and cancelled or revoked if you reward yourself with points. This only applies if you’ve managed to rack up 6 or more points. In this situation, you’ll be forced to re-sit both the Theory and the Practical Test.

In the case where you’ve got an endorsement on your licence, you’ll need to give your licence up. it is usually given to a fixed penalty officer, a police or you can do so when you get to court.

When you get a driving conviction, you can be subjected to receiving a driving ban. However, the time limit on this ban is usually dependent on how serious the court decides to take your offence. You can also be banned after you’ve received several convictions in a small space of time that carries fewer points.

If you’ve managed to receive 12 or more within a space of three years, you can receive a ban for a period of up to 6 months. If you find yourself in the same situation again in less than 2 years, your ban can go all the way up to an entire year. In the extreme case of getting yourself a third in 3 years, your ban can last up to 2 whole years.

How Could I Get A Driving Conviction? 

Most people tend to confuse being summoned to court as a sign that they’re receiving a conviction. However, this isn’t always the situation. If the police stopped you for minor offences, you may be presented with a penalty notice. If for some reason you believe that you’ve been wrongfully accused, you can contest the conviction in court.

If you’re ever stopped by the police, the court won’t always issue a penalty notice. There are instances where they see it fit to take no action and rather offer driving training or they issue a warning. If you tend to speed a lot or you recently run through a red light, you can receive a driving conviction.

Types Of Driving Convictions 

Within the world of driving convictions, there are quite a few. The following are several conviction categories:

*Disqualified Driver
*Accident Offences
*Careless Driving
*Licence Offences
*Construction And Use Offences
*Insurance Offences
*Motorway Offences
*Dangerous Or Reckless Driving
*Speed Limits
*Pedestrian Crossing
*Miscellaneous Offences
*Traffic Signs And Direction
*Theft Or Unauthorised Taking
*Mutual Recognition Codes
*Special Code

If you’re interested in viewing a detailed explanation of the previously mentioned driving code, it is suggested that you visit the Government site on penalty points and endorsement codes.

How A Driving Conviction Could Affect Your Insurance 

As time goes, we all need to invest in an insurance policy. When you’re doing this, you’ll need to state your convictions from the past 5 years. Most insurers tend to request this before they decide to accept or reject your application.

If you already have some conviction under your belt, you may be required to inform your motor vehicle insurance company and get a convicted driver insurance policy. Additionally, it is also in your best interest to view supporting documents on your insurers’ website for more information. They provide you with all the information that you need as well as all the important need to know info about driving licence changes.

Insurers usually do a pretty great job of ensuring that their customers know everything that pertains to their case. Even if you have restrictions that come with medical reasons, they notify you within their policy. However, if you’re unclear about what you should do, it’s best to contact your insurer and enquire. If you fail to notify your insurer of driving convictions, they can reject any claims you make and they can even cancel your entire policy.

If you’ve been convicted and you didn’t sign up for insurance yet, it might be quite difficult to receive car insurance.

Finding Insurance After Getting A Driving Conviction 

As we’ve mentioned before, it can be quite difficult to take out an insurance policy after you’ve received a conviction. It gets even more difficult if you’re not making use of an insurance company that deals with Convicted Drivers. If you find a regular provider, they can send your premiums through the roof; this heavily affects drivers who were intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

However, all hope is not lost since there are a number of trusted, reputable, insurance specialists. These companies work alongside those who have some of the most serious conviction against their licence. They significantly aid drivers with any form of conviction and grants a plan that works in their favour.

How Can You Get Your Public Documents Accepted 

If you’re required to present public documents, there are several easily accessible documents that you will need. However, there is a set of public guidelines that must first be met. If you need to present a certified copy or an original from an EU country, the authorities must accept your documents without the authenticity stamp if you’re in another EU country.

Translation Requirements 

If you’re submitting documents, you do not need a translated version if the language is official within the EU country. However, if it is not the official language and it is not accepted, you’ll need to provide the multilingual variant. When presenting this particular form, you’ll need to do so with the official document.

Additionally, if you’re presenting a multilingual form along with public documents, the relevant authorities may require the certified translated document. This is done so that they can properly understand all the information on the document.

As we conclude, we have just looked at driving convictions. If you’re summoned to court, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically given a conviction. Convictions can be small or big but they all carry a pretty hefty consequence.

How To Find A Reliable Company To Handle Translations For Global Pension Companies

When companies make the decision to do business internationally, they are responsible for making sure that every customer is able to understand all of the materials that are offered. For instance, if you run a global pension company offering services such as pension trustee schemes, it is important that everyone is able to read their policies and any related documents with ease. The best way to ensure that this occurs would be to hire a translation company to handle that part of the process.

With so many providers out there offering translation services, it can be difficult to determine which one deserves your business. Instead of taking a chance and making the wrong choice, here are some pointers that will ensure the decision you make will be in your best interest.

Focus On Experience 

Experience is essential since it means that you will have a good idea of what a business is capable of. If they have been in business for many years, this shows reliability and it is likely that they have the quality to match. It is also wise to choose a translation service that is experienced since that means they have probably handled the type of documents you need in the past and there will be no issues.

Translator Selection Process 

Always ask companies about the vetting process they use to find translators. Are the employees required to have an educational background that shows proficiency or are they only allowed to work doing translations in their native language? Every company has a different process for deciding who is qualified enough to work for them and it is a good idea to focus on how this is done and the impact it will have on overall quality.

Human vs Machines 

Are your documents going to be translated by a human or does the company rely on machines to do all of the work? This is something that you need to find out since it will have a direct bearing on the quality of your documents. While the turnaround time for machine translations is faster, there is always a chance that the software will not be able to detect certain nuances that can only be understood by a human. You will have to determine whether having faster speed or higher output quality is more important to you.


This is an important part of the selection process, but you should not let this rule your entire decision. While it is always nice to save money when you are looking for services, you do not want to get so caught up in saving financially that you close your eyes and miss red flags. For instance, if you see that a company charges rates that are significantly lower than others, you should ask yourself why this is. In some cases, really low prices are reflective of the quality that you can expect to receive.

You also have to consider the fact that everything that is expensive is not great by default. Meaning you should not assume that translation services offered by a company will be top-notch just because their prices are significantly higher than any others you have seen.

In addition, make sure that the company you select does not have any hidden fees. It can be a real pain to sign up based on reasonable pricing, then after all of these unexpected charges are tacked on, you end up paying far more than intended.


When it comes to translations, there are some companies that prefer to work in particular industries. This is useful to you as a customer since it means that they will be familiar with the terms and documents used and it will decrease the chances of any significant errors being made. So, if you have a global pension company, looking for a service that has experience in the insurance and/or financial sector would probably be the best possible decision.


Every company does not keep the same hours and it is important that the one you choose is able to accommodate you when needed. You do not want to be in need of services and you are unable to get someone to help you. This does not mean that you have to look for a company with around-the-clock service, especially if you are a business that is only open during regular operating hours in your region, but this is something that you should give some careful thought when deciding which provider you should sign up with.


You should always look for companies that are willing to guarantee the quality of their service. In some cases, refunds and discounts are offered to those who are not satisfied with what they have received. This is certainly something that you want to look into since it means that you will not have to waste money on document translations that are low quality and of no use to you.

Continued Training 

It is always nice when you find a company that has a solid training program for all of its employees. This shows that making sure that every customer is happy is their number one priority. It also shows that they do not look at those who work for them as machines, which is a sign of integrity. These are qualities that you should look for when doing business with others in many industries and this is no exception. Even if people have experience, training and staying current should be a part of their job process and a good translation service will know this.

It is not easy to find a good translation service. While there are companies all over the place that purports to be the best, the reality is that many of them are not worth the time and money. If you are trying to get the best possible services that offer the best benefit, then make sure that you consider all of the points here. This will increase the likelihood that you will make a decision that you will not have any regrets about later.

The Importance Of Translation Within The Global Construction Industry

Small enterprises are now rapidly increasing their client base on a global scale. However, the main issue that they usually face is based on culture and languages. In order to combat this issue, various companies are now coming on stream to offer cross-context communication. While these services make it easier for any enterprise to function on a global scale, they are very costly.

When it comes to the art of translation, a great deal of care is needed to prevent loss and translation errors from occurring. In some cases, interpretations come across differently even if a translation was done accurately. Translation errors bring about more than just a financial loss and reputations can be damaged, physical harm can occur, industrial disasters are higher and there is also the issue of legal exposure. Due to this, communication must be effective, accurate and clear between various disciplines, cultures, industries, and languages.

Dealing with this issue has left many companies spending huge amounts of resources to ensure that they can communicate with government agencies, customers, agents, and partners. Sharing information between a diverse pool of partners has evolved greatly and is now referred to as localization.

If you didn’t already know, localization is simply the use of processes and technologies to adapt services and products for use by groups, regions, and countries all around the globe. As we’ve mentioned before, it is very expensive and it deals with translating sources such as documents, software, audio and text to relay conversations.

Construction companies are now working globally with contractors for a series of projects. This creates a higher need for professional services to be employed to deal with the nature of this field. Hence, every aspect should be properly understood by each member of the team.

The Importance Of Translation In Construction 

Construction documents need translating from the moment they are being sent across any borders that are not English speaking. These documents range from legal contracts, building plans, surveyor specs, and many others. They are extremely important since they contain all the elements necessary for completing the project within the set budget and duration.

Without translation services being there, crucial intellectual details wouldn’t be available to all parties involved. Even in the case of user manuals of specification manuals, vital information would be lost to many who couldn’t understand the original language of the text. Hence, these need to be translated for every phase of a project in order to reach the endpoint.

Translators are in high demand when contractors are hired from foreign countries to be part of a construction team. Within the construction industry, various roles are outsourced an a pretty common move is to hire expert outsiders. In most cases, countries don’t speak the same local language as another even if they frequently travel.

What To Look For When You’re Hiring A Professional Translation Service

Hiring a company to perform all of your translations is a pretty huge deal and it is relatively expensive. So, be sure to carry out your own personal background research before you select the first option. While the first option on the search list could be the best, it’s still important to find out from your own research.

Additionally, you can also ask for testimonials from past clients who have worked within the construction industry. However, be sure that they also make use of native speakers and they have trained specialist staff who can properly understand all the technical terms of the construction industry. Some of these terms fall under the legal or engineering elements of the job.

In the construction industry, it is essential to be accurate from the get-go. So, be sure to do your research on companies because having to change during an important project could mean that you may need to start all over again or it can be pretty expensive. Without translation services in the construction industry, operations can almost cease to exist.

The driving force that gets big projects done on time and accurately is the linguistics experts. They work to suit all parties involved and are responsible for the many architectural wonders found all around the world. They work extra hard to satisfy the people on the ground and the glaziers high up.

Why Is There An Increase In The Demand For Translation Services? 

Demands have increased because there is a significant demand for contact with non-English speakers. There has also been an increase in the services and products which come from non-English countries. The demand to improve AI is high, hence it can be done with translation needs. This even lowers the cost and many businesses can now benefit from multiple language services.

As we conclude, we have just looked at the importance of translation within the construction industry. If you’re looking for a translation company be sure to do proper research before you hire them. Translation is expensive and should be done accurately in order to prevent accidents and legal issues, so, be sure to choose your company wisely.

Why Choose AB Global?

At AB Global we specialize in translations across the public health sector. We have the experience to give your translation the depth it deserves while being easily accessible to whoever reads it.

We understand that when it comes to the health sector, just having a translator who knows the language is not enough. This is why we ensure that our translators know how to translate public health material in a way that suits you.

They will ensure the tone is carried through into the translation and that all the medical knowledge is correct without losing the integrity of the original document.

Our team of translators has experience across a range of medical sectors, which means we can confidently assign the correct person or people to your project.

This allows us to guarantee the accuracy required when translating medical information. Not only will it be factually accurate as in the original document, but it will also adhere to any guidelines. Whether it is a prescription or a medical journal, all information will be correct.

Our wealth of experience gives us an advantage against other translation companies and we ensure every customer is not only happy with the service AB Global provides, but the finished work produced because that is the most important.

Allow us to help you make a specialist subject available worldwide by translating texts, product descriptions, instructions, glossaries – you name it, we’ll translate it.

Request a Medical Translation Quote

Whether you want to start the process, or get an idea of cost, requesting a quote is the first step. Whether you have the documents ready, a complete list of requirements, or a loose brief, we will be happy to help.

At AB Global, we understand that confidentiality is key, which is why we can guarantee non-disclosure. We have experience working with sensitive issues and will be happy to co-operate in any way necessary.

If you have a specific NDA, you can submit it with the quote request.

Once you have submitted the request, you will receive a personal and competitively priced quote. Within that quote, you will also receive a realistic timeframe for your work to complete customer transparency.

If you have a tight deadline, please include that in your brief and we will work around you.

Either email directly or call one of our staff who will be able to provide the necessary details.

What Documents Can Be Translated?

When it comes to health, there needs to be no room left for confusion, questions or misinterpretation of data. Are you looking to translate your public health materials? Or just wondering what services AB Global Translations offer and how they can benefit you? Take a look at some of the variety of services:

Clinical, pharmaceutical, toxicological and biological data

Whether it is a report that you have written or one that contains crucial information – all medical data should be accessible to allow others to learn from it. However, if for some reason this is not the case, AB Global has enough experience in the public health sector to safely and thoroughly translate technical content. We allow no margin for error as we understand the sensitivity of these documents.

Medical texts

Knowledge consumption is the foundation of medicine and we at AB Global understand that there are benchmark texts that all students should read. If the desired work is in the wrong language, or you have work that needs translating, we can change it to the desired without compromising medical integrity.

Medical equipment information, instructions for medical procedures or glossaries of medical terms

A good product isn’t limited to one language, which is why it’s mutually beneficial to make it internationally accessible. Allow AB Global to produce comprehensive documents to complement medical procedures. Whether it is merely a theory or a practical situation, clear and simple instructions profit everyone involved.

Similarly, if you are looking to create an extensive document – such as a glossary – we can do large scale translations.

Prescriptions and leaflets

Here at AB Global, we understand that prescriptions can mean life and death to some patients. Whether they need to take it overseas or your medical professionals need to create informational documents in a secondary language, let us do the hard work.

By letting us take care of the translations, you are free to focus on the content, which is the most important aspect.

Professional magazines

Despite being able to produce formal documents, we are also able to translate informal texts, which are just as important. We’re able to keep the conversational tone of a piece of writing without losing key details. It’s all about balance and we are confident that we will meet your approval.

Other texts

While common, these are not the full, extensive list of services that we can offer you. No matter how small, AB Global is honored to help with the development of the medical community, whatever form of translation that takes.

If you have something in mind that is not listed above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss your idea further.